Saturday, July 27, 2013

For Your Interpretation

The world is a beautiful place.  Likewise, the world is an awful place.  It's all in your perspective.  There is no right or wrong, according to our perspectives we can be right, we often all feel sure of what we believe.  That's a little scary when you see some of the stuff people believe, and it also kind of make sense when you see all the pain and suffering in the world.  Naturally though, we all want the same thing, we want to be relieved of pain and experience happiness.  The problem then that arises is that we don't all believe we can be pain free, and sometimes in the pursuit of maintaining our pain, we start to wish others would be in pain too.  Sticking to our sob stories we repeat them to ourselves in our head, and then we tell them to others like a script we've rehearsed for a film, never realizing the birth of our very pain comes from insisting the pain is very real and inflexible.  Alleviating pain starts with being able to focus on that which you would love, rather than that which you feel imprisoned by.
A simple example, July was a really hard month for me.  I had some surgeries to alleviate the pains in my head and feet, and not only did I have to deal with then pains of recovering from those surgeries, I developed muscle pains in my neck and arm from sleeping funny to avoid sleeping on stitches.  Add to that the stress of a snag in my tour I've been dying to get off the ground and running.  During all this I realized though, I didn't have to see this as a painful experience, I could see it as a period of rebirth and recovery, and that is precisely what I did: I took mineral baths almost everyday, I napped in the afternoons, I watched all my favorite hub shows like Littlest Pet Shop and high school anime like Tari Tari, and most importantly, I visualized a better future. 
I came to the conclusion my life wasn't coming to an end, it just was in a temporary hold, and though there were moments when I wanted to just break down and cry, I told myself no, I can survive this pain because pain is an everyday thing, it's simply the attention we give to the pain that determines if we can overcome it.  My body is now slowly but surely healing, and I have started dialogues with new people in hopes that I can still make this tour happen, and all in all, I feel pretty good.  What are you facing today?  Will you break through it?  Sometimes it's just a matter of believing to help the change get started.

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