Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Did You See Mary's Videos? There’s More!


Have you heard about this open call?

Mary Morrissey, expert on the Spiritual Side of Success, is hosting an open Dream Builder Teleclass for FREE entitled: “3 Simple Secrets to Discovering and Living Your Dreams … No Matter How Out of Reach They Seem Right Now” on March 31, 2011 at 6:00pm pacific.

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After you watch the videos, you’ll then want to make sure you’re on the call so you can learn the exact strategies and mindsets she's employed to overcome significant failure as well as create significant success. These strategies and mindsets work for anyone, no matter where you are in your life.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

    * Simple thinking-strategies that will guard you from fear, doubt and worry (3 types of thinking that can stop your dream in its tracks).
    * The 3 steps most people miss when building a dream (miss any of these and you may never see your dream come true).
    * The Number One factor that causes people to lose steam when going after a dream, and how to stay motivated and override it.
    * A proven strategy for building lasting faith, self-love and confidence – which will guide you toward your dream.
    * The 1 critical thing you must give up in order to reach your dream.
    * An easy way to keep mentally and spiritually motivated each day.
    * And much more.

Here’s that link again to reserve your spot on this complimentary call and to get in on Mary’s powerful new video series. Dream Building Teleclass http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?Clk=4248043

To Your Best Life,
Joel Evan Tye

P.S. As you’ve probably experienced, laying the foundation for, and starting to build, your dream can be easier said than done. Let Mary walk you through her proven system for laying the groundwork so all your hard work pays off. Here’s that link again: Dream Building Teleclass http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?Clk=4248043

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P.P.S.  The preview call and NEW VIDEO TRAINING SERIES is free and there is no cost or obligation, but you should know I am an affiliate of Mary's, which means I believe in what she’s doing and I am a graduate of her program.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

How do you wake up?

The last time I fell asleep with confidence knowing that tomorrow was going to be great day was the night before I shot my last music video.  And I realize sitting here, that that shouldn't be the case.  All too often we forget that the fortune we're hoping for will not come if we are not preparing ourselves for it.  I need to spend more time feeling like tomorrow is going to be a good day before it comes or else I am bound to repeat the anxiety I often feel upon waking, which in turn sets my day up for failure.

Brian Tracy speaks of telling ourselves every night before we go to bed "I wake up every morning feeling terrific," and with repetition our sub-conscious will pick up on this vibe and we will begin to feel refreshed every morning.  Deepak Chopra recommends before we drift off to sleep, we should replay the entire day in our head, and at the end of our thought, we should say because the day has now ended, any attachment we may feel towards any of today's happenings has now been lifted and our minds are cleared in preparation for the following day.

Whatever method you choose, find a way for yourself to look forward to the day that is to come.  Too much time dwindling in the past or anything stressful in the present will produce repeated results.  If we are to break free of negative occurrences the first place that needs to start is in our thoughts.  What I have started to do, and little by little I'm seeing results, is I escape to my dream every night.  What that means is I write out my dreams in the present tense, or I look over and read aloud sentences that I've written on notecards several times while envisioning the action taking place, sentences like "I earn money easily," or, "I have the money for anything I want, and the money to help others."  This way I am put in a better place the night before.  See what you can do to make your next days, the best days.

I love this woman:) part 3 video now up!

Here's the bad news.
You can do everything right. You can have a great dream and
know deep down inside this is THE life you want to live. You can aspire, think
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So how do you change that?
In the third and final video in Mary's new, free, 3-video
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The third video, “The Art and Science of Receiving,” will
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“The Law of Receiving” may sound a bit daunting, or maybe
even too abstract to work. But the fact is, it DOES exist, and once you’ve
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Video 3 reveals how you can harness that law and put it to
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Remember, the series is absolutely free – it’s my gift to
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Here’s to your dream – it’s waiting,

Joel Evan Tye

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Playing with dolls

Some of my dearest friends know little things about me that noone else does.  One of those quirky things is that I used to be obsessed with dolls.  I became wrapped up in the world of Japanese anime and fashion dolls from 2007-2009.  I was living with my parents and had become rather depressed.  Depression can sometimes lead us to become obsessed with things we wouldn't normally consider.  During the time that I was working on the release of "I'll Keep Smiling," and "Embracing the Light... and then some," I had to deal with a lot of demons.  I was writing songs about breaking free of old habits and embracing the joy that is the future that could be, but the emotions I was experiencing were those of rejection.  I was having my music that I had worked so hard on reviewed by critics at newspapers and record executives, and they were both saying the same thing: the music was poorly produced and the songs lacked any real emotion.  It was as if to say I didn't do a good job.  The truth was simply I didn't work with the right person on the project.  The music he created was great in his eye but terrible in others, and I felt caught in the middle.  I didn't know if it was my fault for working with someone who wasn't aware of his less than perfect production skills, or if the majority of people giving me feedback were wrong, or if I was not a good singer on the whole.

Instead of trying to find the answers to these questions I hid my troubles in the fantasies of my teenage desires.  I went into my comfort zone of dolls and cartoons.  I would spend hours on ebay and rinkya trying to find perfect custom outfits and the perfect dolls to make-over.  I would research how to repaint doll faces and reroot heads.  I spent thousands of dollars on this obsession and it pretty much took over my life.  I sometimes spent entire nights rerooting doll heads.  I wasn't alone though.  I had my dog and endless bags of chips to keep me company.  And it was ridiculous.  I continued to promote the music, continued to hire publicists to get me exposure, and continued to pay a booking agent thousands of dollars to get me gigs in nowhere places.

I was basically trying to move forward with my life while holding on to old obsessions.  Because I felt like a failure everything I invested my money and time in was failing too.  My mother once told me I turn to dolls because I need something I can physically grasp that I can control, because in general my life is usually quite chaotic.  And she was right.  We in general cling to the things we feel we have control over and obsess about them until it's all we can focus on.

I finally broke away from the dolls when I moved out of my parent's house.  It was a smart move because I was leaving that which was encouraging me to sit still in a life that was not too lively.  I've slowly been able to move forward in my life in little steps at a time.  Since leaving my old obsession I've gotten the courage to take acting lessons, go to hollywood parties, and live in a city I was terrified of for years prior to moving to it.  If you are experiencing something stressful, the last thing you should do is revert back to an old habit.  The deeper you go into something you know is not beneficial to you and the people around you, the harder it's going to be for you to move on with your life.

I encourage you to think about what it is you're doing right now that might be preventing you from moving forward with your life.  If it's a bad thing, take one day at a time to move out of it.  Rome wasn't built in a day and neither should a new life be.  The more time you take to understand what you're doing so you can let go of it, the more you're going to learn from the process.  Amen.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I love this woman:) part 2 video now up!


Have you ever wondered why you seem to get stuck in your life? Repeating bad habits or finding yourself in the same situations over and over again?

That's your paradigm.

So what IS your paradigm? It's how your mind is programmed. And if you don't consciously change it, your mind will stay stuck at the same setting – which produces the same results.

And if you want to change your results, you need to change your paradigm.

The GOOD news is you can easily be taught to change your paradigm, adjust the setting, and create a higher set point. And, therefore, better results – results you love.

My friend Mary Morrissey, who is the expert on the Spiritual Side of Success, has just released the second video in her new, free, 3-video series, and in this video, she explains exactly how to do that.

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The second video, “The Power of Paradigms,” will help you change your way of thinking so you open up the doors that lead you to your dream.

“Changing your paradigm” may sound tricky, or even scary. But the fact is, having the power to do so is a great opportunity, and when you harness this ability, you will be unstoppable in the pursuit of your dream.

Video 2 reveals how you can stop letting the facts of your current circumstances prevent you from dreaming your true dream.

It’s time to tune in to a different wavelength – and reap the rewards.

Remember, the series is absolutely free – it’s Mary’s gift to you because it’s her passion to help individuals like you create new paradigms – and achieve their dreams.

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I’ve heard Mary speak before, and I highly recommend her. Her presentations and programs are always packed full of life-changing information.

Here’s to your dream – it’s waiting,
Joel Evan Tye

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I just love this woman!...special video for you:)


To support you in building your dreams…I have a great gift for you!

This is one of the best video series I’ve seen on how to take a dream and turn it into reality.  It’s goes much deeper than just strategies—this is the stuff most people miss when going after a dream, which is why so few people really live their dreams.
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My good friend Mary Morrissey, incredible author, teacher, and dream-building specialist, created this powerful video series to help you determine what you really want, and how to step into that life in a much bigger way.  

If you haven’t heard of Mary, here are just a few of her credentials: best-selling author of three books, had her own PBS special, created two multi-million dollar businesses, spoke three times at the United Nations, held week-long meetings with His Holiness The Dalai Lama, the list goes on and on… 

It is her life’s work and her passion to help people like you to take their dreams and turn them into reality.

Recently, Mary told me that she has talked with lots of people who are struggling. They say they would love to build a dream – but they feel like they don’t even know what their dream is. Or they didn’t know if it was the right dream for them. Or why they experience success in one area in their life and not in another.

If you’ve experienced any of those frustrations then these FREE videos will really help.

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Here are some details about what’s included in this gift:

Video 1 will cover How to Discover YOUR Dream. We’re talking about the dream that lives deep inside your heart, that will light you up and make you happy. It’s not your parents’ dream, your spouse’s dream or society’s dream for you – it’s YOUR dream and once you discover it, you can begin to make it happen.

Video 2 will reveal the Power of Paradigms. The human mind is programmed to stay on the same setting, which produces the same circumstances. The great news is, you can change that setting and create a higher set point so you’re moving more positive energy through your life.

Video 3 will explain the Art and Law of Receiving, so you can create a flash point of new energy and new life. You can secure that flash point so that every minute of every day, you’re saying to yourself, “I love my life.”

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You’ll be glad you did :-)

I’ve heard Mary speak before, and I highly recommend her. Her presentations and programs are always packed full of life-changing information.

Here’s to your dream – it’s waiting,

Joel Evan Tye

P.S. Feel free to invite your friends, too, but be sure to sign up, first!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Perfect Workout

I have received many messages asking me what I do for my workouts.  The answer is, I do what feels right.  The mind and body connection is very much a real thing.  If you are doing a workout that you find too repetitive, boring, or a chore for which you don't look forward to, you're not going to get the most out of your workouts.  You may get some results, but the best results will be achieved when your spirits are up, when you are in a good place while exercising, while your mind is in harmony with the activity you are doing (which goes for just about everything in life).

The mind craves variety.  It also craves chances to prove itself with new challenges.  When I workout, I use both these principles.  When I first come to a gym, I take a tour of all the equipment.  I write out what workouts I want to do on what days.  I take these workout routines with me, and I increase the weight or the repetitions a little more each time I come back to that exercise the following week.  I keep a small notepad with me to keep track of the weights and reps for each exercise.  I feel really good every time I'm able to get the weight to a level that I didn't think I previously could. 

Sometimes though the routines do get boring.  I feel tired of doing those exercises, and I find myself cheating during the workout and thinking of other things instead of concentrating on my body.  At this time I know a change is needed.  I go back to my routines and redo them.  I replace exercises with similar ones, I exercise different muscle groups together, or I redo the routine completely with all new exercises.  Sometimes just a certain exercise I'll grow tired of, or that day there will be too many people using the machine I am scheduled to use, in which case I try something new that week, which I may or may not return to the following week depending on if it was enjoyable.

Your workouts don't have to be super strict either.  If for some reason you can't make it to the gym or it's just not the right mood, it may be better to skip that day.  I sometimes take a few days to a few weeks off from the gym if I'm just not feeling it.  The time away not only helps your body repair muscle fibers, but also will revitalize your joy for working out; the longer you spend time away from the gym the more fun it will be when you return.  So if your body needs a break, take a break.

Follow these simple ideas to achieve your best body:
1. Set goals to achieve with exercises.
2. Change things when they become stagnant.
3. Take breaks when needed.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lost in Where You've Been

When people ask us to tell them about ourselves, we often trace back to who we were, where we have been.  It's hard to explain to people who we are without acknowledging where we have been.  The truth is though, every time we acknowledge that past we bring it into the present.  We release feelings attached to those memories instead of feelings for that which we dream to be.  Then, when circumstances repeat themselves, we wonder why.  We have forgotten that we have spent so much time talking about and thinking about the past.  This is not to say we should completely forget where we have been, but we should take a moment to think, do I really want to go back to where I've been?  Do I want my present to be identical to my past, or am I ready for new experiences?  The more often we acknowledge our past the more often we are going to feel as if we are still there.

As Mary Morrissey explains, everything is created twice, first as a thought, then as a physical object or event.  What we imagine ourselves to be becomes then our experience.  If we are stuck on our past or our present, then that is which we are going to continue to experience.

My horoscope this morning told me I was living all too often in the past, and when I thought about it, I realized that little automated message on my phone was absolutely right.  I've for weeks been so worried about where my life is going, I've often turned to where I've been to justify those fears.  I think I've really been doing my psyche some damage.  What I need to do, and I encourage you all to do similarly, is look at that which I want to happen, regardless of circumstance.  Circumstance is a thought brought on by limitations we make in our minds; if we stick too much to circumstance, it is possible we may never leave it.  For example I want financial security, I want to be debt free, and I want to make money doing what I love.   If I stick to these simple phrases, it is more likely I will start to live these dreams than living in the present circumstances I am facing this moment from thinking about everything I've done wrong to bring me where I am.

Write it out and start to believe what it is your are writing about.  Answer this question: what would I love?  See where the answer takes you, not only on the paper, but in feeling, explore what sort of emotions come up when you answer the question.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I wanted to take a moment to talk on the subject of opportunities.  The phrase "opportunity knocks" is something that I've always enjoyed, because I often think if something comes to me that is in relation to that which I've been thinking about that it is an opportunity to become closer to my dream.  Some opportunities may lead us in other directions though, which depending on how you look at these circumstances, can be good for you or bad.  The truth is, we're given various opportunities everyday, every moment of our lives.  Something as small as an irk in our stomach is an opportunity to get something to eat.  If we are in a public place, there may be an opportunity to get a sandwich, or an opportunity to get a salad, just as much as there is an opportunity to get a chocolate parfait.  Similarly, if you're thinking about becoming a model and you see an ad for modeling school in the corner of an internet page you are looking at, you may think this is an opportunity to follow your dream.  But sometimes the opportunities we grab may be in the moment of excitement and not out of true intent.  The modeling school could be a scam, just as much as the sandwich we decide to grab out of hunger can be loaded with unhealthy ingredients may cause us indigestion.

The truth is, opportunities come to us based on what we are thinking about, but it's our ability to see all the opportunities and stay in the vibration of what we truly want before we choose one.  Returning to our food example, if we are hungry and walk into a restaurant and are handed a menu, we see a whole list of possible opportunities for something to eat.  Typically we don't just order the first thing on the menu, we study the menu, look at a variety of choices, and choose the one we think is best for the moment.  Sometimes we make a good choice and the food is delicious and good for our body.  Other times we choose something that tastes just awful.  This latter choice may simply be the universe trying to tell us about the choices we are making in general though.  What is it we want to eat?  The choice we make will determine whether the food is good, whether it is filling, and whether it's going to get us functioning the rest of the day with the proper nutrients.

I encourage you to think of all of your life as one big menu.  The choices you can make, the opportunities you can take, all listed in front of you, and using your intuition and intention make the best choices for yourself.  And if you make a choice that at first glance seems like a bad choice, try seeing it through other angles.  Maybe there was an important lesson to be learned by taking that opportunity, and perhaps brings you closer to the dream than you first expected.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What is your soul attracted to?

I thought about what attraction is this afternoon.  I was driving down one street and I passed a street a former lover of mine lives on.  It was a strange moment for me because I have passed that street dozens of times in the last few months and felt rather uneasy, sometimes angry even.  Today was different though.  I was thinking about love the instant I crossed that intersection.  I was thinking about the fact that I've never been in love.  I was thinking about the fact that none of my romantic partners have ever been in my life longer than three months.  In times past when I have thought of him I have thought of the list of things wrong with him, but today I was thinking what I liked about him, and I started to understand just what attraction is.

The truth is I am almost always the one to get dumped.  On the other hand although I have felt a break-up feeling from the relationship, that of abandonment and sadness, I always know that person lacked things that I seek in a partner and was kind of glad the relationship had ended.  I have high standards when it comes to a partner, but in all honesty we all should have standards for ourselves as to what we want.  For example, I could never form a serious relationship with someone who didn't like himself.  All too often though because of my lack of focus, I've found myself with people with perfect bodies that still think of themselves as "fat," or men that even after various plastic surgeries and being on steroids still feel that I am better looking than they, which ends up making me feel uncomfortable because I don't want my lover to feel that I am better than they, I want someone that no matter what he or I looks like, he sees me as his equal.

Arielle Ford in her book, The Soulmate Secret, instructs the reader to create a very specific list of qualities s/he wants in a soulmate on every aspect.  Everything from religious views to sexual orientation she advises one list.  This, she explains, does not mean that everyone you meet needs to match the list to a "t," but the list should serve as a guide to redirect your thinking so that you are in a mindset of looking for that which you deeply want whenever you meet a new potential mate.

I bring this up because when I thought about that former lover of mine today, I was reminiscing about the qualities he had that were on my list, and it made me feel good.  He was someone I could have both silly and serious conversations with, and he was someone that I just felt good when I was around.  It   wasn't the person I was recalling, I was picturing those aspects of him that I enjoyed that made me feel good and putting a face to them.  During that whole instant I thought to my self "it would be wonderful to have a person like that again."  That is what attraction is: the ability for us to see in other people the qualities we find most important in the human race.

The last time I wrote out a soulmate list was in 2009.  As I think it is now time to reassess that which I once thought I needed so that I can create a better picture in my mind of what I am looking for, I encourage all of you to sit down this weekend and write out your soulmate list.  Lovers come and go, and imperfect relationships should be temporary, but the mate that is a perfect match for your soul is the one you are supposed to end up with.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Finding your Sanctuary

Where do you feel safe?  Often times when we are in a state of less than perfect, we need a place to go to.  We need a sanctuary.  This is the place you go to when you need to heal, or when you seek guidance from a higher power.  It can be a physical place such as a bedroom, or it can be purely in your mind, such as a place you've never been in real life but sometimes end up in in dreams that feels safe.  The reason we all need sanctuaries is to take a break from the reality that is life and focus on that which we wouldn't normally see, or to simply lie for a moment in nothingness in order to clear our heads.

I myself have three sanctuaries that I discovered during my teenage years.  The first is the shower.  The feeling of hot water calms me down; sitting in the bathtub with a lit candle as the only light and gentle music is the next step in my "water meditation."  I've tried all sorts of things in the water, oils and bubble baths, but I find simply very hot water in the almost darkness to be my favorite, along with Sarah Mc Lachlan's "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy"

My second sanctuary is next to window that faces open space during sunset.  This is the place I went to most during my youth.  There's something about the setting sun, the heat from the rays just before it starts to fade coming into the room and hitting my body that I find extremely soothing.  I noticed my dog loves it too.  I feel like a plant being wrapped in the sun's warmth.

My third sanctuary is my bedroom at night lit by a simple candle.  I seem to get my greatest sense of ease being in this place.  I play soft music usually when I am here.  Sometimes I do the Alexander Technique exercise I explained in this morning's "Hotness Factor" facebook group.

In all of these sanctuaries I do the same thing.  I take a deep breath and ask myself a question: "What has brought me here?  What is it that I need to know that I'm not seeing an answer to at the moment?"  I think about what I am going through and ask for guidance as to what it all means, and what I can do to move forward with my life instead of continuing to do the same things day in and out. 

Next time you're not feeling well, try visiting your sanctuary.  It may be the place you're needed most.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Choosing to see the miracle

One of my favorite affirmations from Deepak Chopra is "Every choice I make is between a grievance and a miracle.  I relinquish all doubts, grievances, and regrets, and choose the miracle."  What I love about that quote is that it shows us that no matter what the circumstance is we can choose how we look at it.  We can choose to say that what we are going through is hard or difficult, or that a problem has arisen, or we can look at every situation as a tool for learning.  A miracle is that which causes a change, we can see it as a gift from the universe.  A miracle doesn't necessarily have to be a dramatic earth-shattering shift, it can be as small as finding a dollar in your back pocket, or chipping a nail in the midst of a stressful situation so that we can take a step back and say, "wait a second, allow me to review this situation from a clearer perspective."

I encourage you maybe over the next few days to experiment with this idea and see what effect it has on your well-being.  Any time things may seem to be going in a bad direction, stop, and ask yourself, "What is the lesson here to be learned?  What is the universe trying to show me by putting me in this circumstance?"  In other words, what is the miracle I can choose to see in this situation?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vitality: the new wonder pill? I'm set for life!

I am someone with energy issues.  Since I was a teenager I've always had trouble staying awake during the day, not to mention issues with focusing.  I've also had trouble sleeping through the night most of my life.  As I've gotten older, my energy issues have increased, and I've often found myself consuming large amounts of caffeine during the day to stay awake, as well as regular naps.

For the last two months I've been on a new supplement called Vitality.  It is an herbal supplement that is designed to go into your body and repair the mitochondria in your cells that have been damaged over the years to give your body the vim and vigor you had as a youth.  Vitality is supposed to give you sustained energy throughout the day without the use of energy supplements, give you better mental clarity, better sleep, and increased libido.  Some people have reported other ways Vitality has improved their lives.  People with arthritis and chronic back pain have said it's lessened the normal pain they feel.  People with degenerating eye conditions have said it has allowed their vision to improve.  Pet owners have also reported giving small doses to their aging cats and dogs have allowed their animals to regain the strength and energy they once had as puppies and kittens.

My results with the supplement have been great.  For the first time since I was maybe 12 years old I now sleep through the night, and wake up in the morning feeling rested and energized.  Because of this I no longer need an afternoon nap.  I no longer take diet pills to stay awake and if I have any caffeine during the day, it's simply a cup of tea.  Another really great result I've had with Vitality is my recovery time from workouts.  I used to have to wait two to three days in between workouts due to soreness, but in the last month I haven't had to do any recovery.  I find myself able to go back to the gym everyday.

Vitality is not simply an energy supplement, it revitalizes your cells, fighting aging from the inside out.  I have to say I am really happy to have started it and will probably continue to use it for the rest of my life.

Vitality is not available in stores.  It is only available from an official nuskin distributor.  Because I love the product so much I have become one, and you can get a bottle from my site: www.thehotnessfactor.nsedreams.com  If you are interested in becoming a nuskin distributor as well please feel free to email me.  They have great products for the face and body, including a non-surgical face-lift machine that I am also using and love!

Next month I'll be giving my report on nuskin's other best-selling supplements, their multi-vitamin pack, Life-pac Nano, and their antioxidant super juice, G3, as I am putting them through a trial run as we speak.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Who do you want to be known as?

What do you think of when you think of your past?  About a million thoughts come forth when we answer this question to ourselves.  The question then becomes, what of our past should we remember?  The answer is that which we can use to build a brighter future.

There are a handful of things I recall in my past, and people who know me intimately generally only know the negative things I went through.  The reason for that is it's easier for us to talk about the bad things we went through.  The question is, do you want to be someone who everybody knows as the one who only has bad things happen to him?  Most people would say no.  The problem is, as humans we crave negative information, gossip, sad stories, and violence.  Look at what the majority of the news reports on, look at the subject matters of the most popular tv shows and movies being made.  As a species we love controversy and suffering.  Why is that?  Some would say it is because suffering is a part of life, some that our parents taught us to be ashamed of ourselves because their parents did the same unto them, and so on.  There are many plausible answers and yet none of them really matter.

We don't have to be like everyone else or like our parents, we can be different.  Someone who refuses to follow the status quo is happy more often, shares stories of good things that happen to him/her, and not only believes in a brighter future but through all circumstances lives in that brighter place.  I myself am currently making a effort to be the person I just spoke of.  It is my duty as such to remember the good I've been through.  So now it is only appropriate to share one of those stories in hopes that you may recall one of your own:

When I was 15 I fell in love.  There wasn't a specific person I fell in love with.  I just remember on my 15th birthday I was in Connecticut staying with my grandparents and I was putting my clothes on and it hit me, "I want to be in love, I want to find the love of my life."  The feeling was incredible, as if a burden had been lifted from my shoulders and I felt like I was as light as air.  The feeling stayed with me for a while, and whenever I got quiet I could bring the feeling back, to this day I can do it.  I haven't found the love of my life, but I have faith when it is truly meant to happen it will happen, so until then, whenever an ocean of anxiety comes over me about whatever I'm going through, I bring myself back to that place and the world becomes a better place.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trading Spaces

The life you live is the life you've planned.  It sounds odd but what many spiritual speakers say is that the life we are living right now is the life we created prior to this experience in our mind.  And in a way for me it makes sense.  In the short term for example, when I went to bed last night I didn't think today would be any different than yesterday for me in terms of what I'd be doing.  I have my list of people I need to contact on my desk, I also thought I should go grocery shopping today after I workout.  So in a way today for me was planned out in my head ahead of time.
There is a bigger picture however.  We will continue to exist everyday no matter what, so what we imagine ourselves doing is what we are going to live.  I challenge you though, to think about, "What would I really like to do with my time?  Is there something I want to do that I'm not planning for at the moment with my thoughts?"  These are thoughts I've had for years, but I really didn't know how to change my thinking until I started writing it all out.
There is nothing more that I want than to change my life.  I would love to have more money to use for music projects, recording new tracks and traveling all over the world to perform for people with elaborate stage shows and costumes.  That is my dream and has been my dream for some time; but I didn't really know how to get to that life from where I've been sitting for so many years.
Of course it takes an effort in the physical realm, but the thought process is just as important.  I have to learn how to think like I am already that person I dream of before I start to see it in reality.  In other words, I need to trade spaces: I need to put my thoughts in the realm of the future Joel before I can become him in the present.  I've learned how to start doing that with the help of Mary Morrissey.  Now I don't know if her dreambuilder program is meant for you, but I highly recommend you check it out.  Here is a link to her upcoming teleseminar: http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?Clk=4171423  
In her teachings, Mary can show you how to gradually move into a place of higher being, how you can harness your dream before it happens.
So what are you planning today?  What are you planning tomorrow?  What are you planning 3-6 months from now?  Take one step at a time, you may be surprised just how much your life changes if you make an effort to trade spaces with the future you.