Monday, December 5, 2011

Being a Person of Increase

There is a phrase known as being "a person of increase" in many spiritual books.  I first saw this term in Wallace Wattles's The Science of Getting Rich.  The term means being a person who expresses the idea that they are increasing in abundance in everything they do.  Every activity is done in the spirit that it will lead to the increase of abundance in that person's life.  A drugstore employee who treats all customers as if they are millionaires handing him 1000 dollar bills for his services is a person of increase, because even the man who buys a pack of gum from this employee is given the respect that a millionaire is given.  A person of increase will also take the opportunities offered to him even if they see too difficult to accomplish on his own, because he knows by accomplishing the goals in those opportunities he will reach a new level of abundance in his daily life.  A person of increase is someone who knows the more abundance he gives to others, whether that be attention to what another has to say, or lending money to a friend, or helping a stranger carry a heavy load, the more abundance he will receive in return.  Every morning one of the things I write down in my list of things I want to be that day is a person of increase.  Whenever I am puzzled as to a decision I should make, I ask myself, "as a person of increase, how would I handle this situation?" and the answer comes to me.  I encourage you all to try this and see if your life improves at all.  Tell yourself you are a person of increase everyday, and see if the choices you make reflect that title.  It could very well be the answer to lack you have been looking for.

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