Friday, December 2, 2011

Want Energy

Everything has energy.  It goes back to that science class in high school where you learned the chair you're sitting in is made up of molecules moving so slow that they form what we see as solid matter.  But it's more than that.  When gurus refer to things having energy or vibrations, they also mean feelings.  The chair has feelings *_*?  Indeed, your chair has a feeling tone it gives off.  How do you feel when you have a seat in that chair?  Do you feel comfortable, uncomfortable, agitated, not particularly interested?  These are the emotions the chair gives you when you sit in it.  It's like when you see a cute puppy.  What is the energy the puppy is giving off?  The energy is "love me!"  And in turn we feel compassion for that puppy.

We as people express that same energy but we are not always as brave as the puppy.  We don't wag our tails rapidly when we see someone we want love from, but we do act at a level above a normal calm.  It's destructive sometimes to ourselves to give off that energy too powerfully.  We see it in the night clubs where people get drunk and plead for others they find attractive to take them home for loveless sexual acts.  We see it on the television where the politician dresses in expensive suits and gets a make-over so that he'll look presentable and people will buy whatever he's selling.  Unsure if the love from these people is real he goes and orders hookers to satisfy his yearning for love not quite given by winning strangers' trust.  I once met a man who told me he orders escorts online, and when they arrive his goal is to seduce them sexually to the point that they tell him they don't need to be paid for their time.  He said he feels empowered "out-smarting" the hard working escort, and he rationalizes that he isn't hiring escorts if he doesn't pay them.  It would not surprise me if someone once made this man feel he was unworthy of the love he begs for from others.

We're not puppies, we're adult or on our way to adulthood human beings.  There's no need for us to behave like animals when we have so many more skills.  So the question is, do you want to stay in a place where you're constantly saying "Love me!  I need love!" for the rest of your life?  It is doubtful, because feeling as if you want something you don't have isn't the way to live.  If you want bread you go out and buy it.  You no longer yearn for bread when you have figured out how to get it and then obtain it.  Not only that, but knowing how to get the bread the wanting energy for it is a lot less than the wanting you feel for love.  Think of it this way, when you know how to get something you want, you don't try relentlessly to get it, you just go get it, knowing bread is within your reach.  Love is as abundant as bread in our culture, but we tend to think it's hard to get because so many withhold thier own love.  What would it feel like to get love knowing you are loved, knowing you are capable of loving and being loved when you go out to get love?  It starts from within.  People who feel loved don't abuse themselves, and people who are loving don't abuse others either.  If such is the case, the one who goes out feeling loved and is loving will acheive love because s/he knows it is perfectly natural to acheive love as it is to buy a loaf of bread.

So I encourage you to try it if you are feeling lonely or insecure: give love to yourself by admitting you are capable of being loved, and in the theory that we are all one and the same, admit to yourself that everyone else is capable of being loved, and as such treat them with love.  See with practice over time if you start to see loving people come easier into your life.  The love of your life maybe just around the corner, but if you don't feel loving energy for yourself and others, that person is just going to pass you by.

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