Monday, March 12, 2012

Self Love in Circumstance

Almost everyone knows what it is like to be loved unconditionally.  And if we don't know maybe what it is like, we know what the phrase unconditional love means.  It means loving without any reason to love, a love based on pure trust that that other person will love us no matter what and we them.  No matter who is in your life, there is always one person we can love unconditionally, and that person is ourselves.  Loving yourself unconditionally is more than just saying "I like myself," in the mirror, it's also remembering to never condemn anything you do.  If you think you do something that is bad, or irritating to others, or you say things like "I'm just a bitch, deal with it!" that's not loving yourself, that's coming to terms with self-hate, which will just make you feel uncomfortable and lower your self-esteem over time.   Be okay with being you at all times.  And when you say or do something that you feel was in the wrong, remind yourself it was simply an experience that is now in the past, and when a similar situation arises again, you will take different action.  Just the thought of knowing you will handle things in a more positive way in the future is a step up from sitting there and reminding yourself you did something wrong.  The idea of rewarding yourself everyday is also very powerful overtime.  At the end of each day, ask yourself, "what did I do right today?"  Make a list if you can.  The more you focus on what things are good in your life and the things you're doing right, the less of an emotional impact anything bad will have on you.

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