Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Truth about Good Posture

Posture.  I've touched on the subject before but I would like to go into depth on why it is important to have good posture.  The only reason I bring it up is because I have rather horrible posture *_*, but just recently I've realized how I need to stop it, and I'll explain why.  I look down at the ground when I walk most of the time, or I look up at the sky.  In turn I often feel lonely, and I've developed the reputation of being shy and unapproachable.  In fact, I'll look anywhere possible to avoid other people's faces.  A paradigm of mine is a fear of looking strangers in the face and meeting their eyes.  The fear stems from childhood when I would look someone in the face and they would say something mean to me.  It's silly that I still carry around such a fear, and so from this point forward, as I encourage you to work on your posture, I commit to working on mine as well. 
What is the reason for good posture?  Shoulders back, eyes focused on the horizon, and a smile across our lips, really impacts us on a sub-conscious level.  When you take this stance as you move around your day, it becomes inevitable that your gaze will meet the people you cross.  By saying hello to these people, maybe even asking how they are, or complimenting something about them, it will in turn open you up.  It's impossible to feel bad when you are being pleasant to another, and for them to acknowledge your kindness is an amazing feeling.  Think of how good you feel when you tell someone you like their shoes, etc., and they respond with a thank you, or even may compliment you on something as well. 
That is the purpose of good posture: you're building your confidence with complimenting others, and over time this translates into you feeling like a friendlier person.  If you are in search of the more friends, or the love of your life, by feeling these feelings more regularly, you are attracting such into your life.  Remember like attracts like, friendly people who feel loved attract just that.


  1. This is an incredibly well-written blog from a very handsome guy that I've long admired (from a physical standpoint). You've now earned my admiration on an intellectual level (if that even matters to you, ha) Your thoughts as evinced in your blog are incredibly articulate and you have a subtle sense of the human psyche that evades most people.

    I've just pored over the first page of your blog and there's a theme that runs through all of them, most of all the above post on posture. You encourage people to affirm themselves and to become a better person in order to see a better world -- this is a hard truth that most people selectively choose to ignore since it's so much easier to yearn for a better life yet not strive for it, yet you bring this posturing (pun intended) very much to the fore.

    Nice blog

    1. oh wow, thanks so much Joel! So glad you are enjoying my work ^_^. Indeed, I love finding new ways to grow as a person and just can't resist sharing! Liking yourself is a process most people don't realize, you often have to learn to like yourself, myself included, and so it's definitely a treat to hear when others are making improvement too ^_^. Thanks for writing! JET

  2. Yup, thanks for the reply :)

    By the way, the eyeshadow looks good on you. Especially when you have dark hair!

  3. Also, has anyone else told you that if they click on your header banner they get re-directed to "www./"?