Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Abundant Universe

When I returned to Arizona for the holiday weekend I met with family and old friends.  Some of them were in down spirits, they were frustrated financially and needed to vent it out.  I've never claimed to be the knower of all things, but I do know our interpretation of our circumstances determines how we feel.  The greatest example I've heard of this was from Mary Morrissey.  She was telling the story of two couples who each had houses that were destroyed by a wild fire that went through the same neighborhood.  The first couple were sobbing, saying they had lost everything and didn't know what to do.  The second couple although a little sad, simply stated that they could rebuild, that it was simply stuff they had lost, and that they were happy no member of the family had been injured or died.

When I was resting in my room at my parents' home, I just opened one of my books I had with me at random, How to Attract Money by Dr Joseph Murphy, and the page I came upon was quite remarkable, for there was a paragraph that really spoke to the situation.  I share it with you here:

Knowledge of the spiritual power is the means to the Royal Road to Riches of all kinds, whether your desire is spiritual, mental, or material.  The student of the laws of mind, or the student of the spiritual principle, believes and knows absolutely that regardless of the economic situation, stock market fluctuation, depression, strikes, war, or other conditions and circumstances, he will always be amply supplied regardless of what form money may take.  The reason for this is he abides in the consciousness of wealth.  The student has convinced himself in his mind that wealth is forever flowing freely in his life and there is always a Divine surplus.  Should there be a war tomorrow and all the student's present holdings become valueless, as the German marks did after the First World War, he would still attract wealth and be cared for, regardless of the form the new currency took.

In other words, don't let conditions or circumstances be your guide.  We all started in a state of abundance.  A baby knows it will be cared for.  It doesn't know if there isn't enough, it knows if it cries, ie make the call with faith, someone will come help it.  Likewise, hold on to your innocence and cast off negative judgments.  The person who believes in an abundant universe, making that call for help with complete faith, will always be provided for.  Things work out, trust me, you just have to believe it will all be good.

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