Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Attracting the Guy You Want Ecourse

Do you have a BROKEN PICKER?

The topic is your love life, and let me get right to the point because I know this issue is vitally important to you.

Have you become resigned to a flat, empty life without True Love? Do you feel stuck with your history of bad relationships and worry that you'll never be able to change your results?

Does it seem that you must've been born with a "Broken Picker" when it comes to choosing a man you can trust, love and respect?

No matter how long you've had a pattern of hooking up with Mr Wrong instead of Mr Right, you can start creating a better outcome, starting tonight!

Get instant access today to the powerful new step-by-step e-course by my good friend, life mastery consultant Evelyn Brooks called "Attract the Guy You WANT!" This 90-day intensive downloadable program has 10 hours of audio coaching lessons, a 50-page workbook and valuable bonuses. The course will show you how to:

•    get untangled from the unhealthy relationship you may be in today
•    replace your old broken picker with a healthy new "good-man picker"
•    change your self-image from people-pleaser (or doormat) into a happy, strong magnet for Good Lovin'
•    design and define the relationship you want to attract into your life

Stop making excuses for the guy who leaves you cold. And stop repeating your old history of settling for far less than the joyous juicy romance and lasting love that you dream of experiencing.

Everything that you want can be yours, but you have to take an action and step in the direction of your dream.  Why not start a new year off right with the chance to attract the love of your life?

Go now to http://www.evelynbrooks.com/cmd.php?af=1504468

to your happiness ^_^

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