Monday, February 21, 2011

Being Social can help you loose weight

We all know what foods we shouldn't eat, rather, what foods are going to make us gain weight, make us feel gasy or bloated, or mess with our psyches and make us feel gloomy.  And if you are an obsessive eater you know how bad you can be.  For me it's chips.  I love chips, any kind of chip will do!  And I used to eat chips constantly, potato chips, corn chips, soy chips, nachos, rice chips....  The problem is everytime I eat chips I feel gross, because I practically shovel them into my mouth and don't look back.  The amount of calories is the problem, chips are so high in calories that my stomach can't digest them fast enough, which leads to moodiness, feeling bloated and excess fat around my belly.  The thing is, chips aren't bad for me, rather, lots of chips are bad for me and I know it!  So now, if I crave chips, I know not to eat them all by myself, I go to a party and have a few with company, or I invite friends over and serve them in a bowl so that other people will eat them with me.  That way, I'm not eating the whole bag, and eating junk foods in moderation is 100% okay in my book!  Everything you eat you should love, don't make certain foods toxic; if you don't love something don't put it in your body.  So next time you feel like pigging out, try eating those guilty pleasures with other people.  The extra company might incline you to not only not eat so much, but share in the joy of fun foods with your favorite people ^_^

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