Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Loose weight and detoxify with fruit

I went into this as my first post on the facebook group of the same name as this blog, but I thought I'd repeat it with a bit more detail because it's one of my favorite health tips.  Fruit is a peculiar food in that it will only digest properly in your system when it's eaten as its own food.  With the exception of bananas and some dried fruits like dried cranberries and dates, when we eat fruit with other foods, the sugars tend to rot in the stomach and our bodies don't absorb all the nutrients the fruit has to offer.  Many of us experience gas, upset stomach, or just a feeling of grogginess when this occurs.  The best way to eat fruit is on an empty stomach.  Even more beneficial is to eat fruit on an empty stomach 30-60 minutes before a meal.  The fruit will go in and detoxify your system making it easier to digest the upcoming meal.  In addition to that, your body will receive an extra serving of fruit by eating it before that meal, and we all know the 8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day rule.  I also just read an article recommended to me by a friend that said bananas or cherries can help with sleep if eaten just before bed.  Not all digestive systems are equal, so some people can eat fruit in their salads with no problem, just make sure though to get the optimum nutrition from that salad that there are no nuts or cheese on it, just fruit, vegetables, and a vinegar based dressing that doesn't contain diary.  When you love your fruit it will love you back, so enjoy fruits the right way.

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