Sunday, March 13, 2011


I wanted to take a moment to talk on the subject of opportunities.  The phrase "opportunity knocks" is something that I've always enjoyed, because I often think if something comes to me that is in relation to that which I've been thinking about that it is an opportunity to become closer to my dream.  Some opportunities may lead us in other directions though, which depending on how you look at these circumstances, can be good for you or bad.  The truth is, we're given various opportunities everyday, every moment of our lives.  Something as small as an irk in our stomach is an opportunity to get something to eat.  If we are in a public place, there may be an opportunity to get a sandwich, or an opportunity to get a salad, just as much as there is an opportunity to get a chocolate parfait.  Similarly, if you're thinking about becoming a model and you see an ad for modeling school in the corner of an internet page you are looking at, you may think this is an opportunity to follow your dream.  But sometimes the opportunities we grab may be in the moment of excitement and not out of true intent.  The modeling school could be a scam, just as much as the sandwich we decide to grab out of hunger can be loaded with unhealthy ingredients may cause us indigestion.

The truth is, opportunities come to us based on what we are thinking about, but it's our ability to see all the opportunities and stay in the vibration of what we truly want before we choose one.  Returning to our food example, if we are hungry and walk into a restaurant and are handed a menu, we see a whole list of possible opportunities for something to eat.  Typically we don't just order the first thing on the menu, we study the menu, look at a variety of choices, and choose the one we think is best for the moment.  Sometimes we make a good choice and the food is delicious and good for our body.  Other times we choose something that tastes just awful.  This latter choice may simply be the universe trying to tell us about the choices we are making in general though.  What is it we want to eat?  The choice we make will determine whether the food is good, whether it is filling, and whether it's going to get us functioning the rest of the day with the proper nutrients.

I encourage you to think of all of your life as one big menu.  The choices you can make, the opportunities you can take, all listed in front of you, and using your intuition and intention make the best choices for yourself.  And if you make a choice that at first glance seems like a bad choice, try seeing it through other angles.  Maybe there was an important lesson to be learned by taking that opportunity, and perhaps brings you closer to the dream than you first expected.

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