Sunday, March 27, 2011

How do you wake up?

The last time I fell asleep with confidence knowing that tomorrow was going to be great day was the night before I shot my last music video.  And I realize sitting here, that that shouldn't be the case.  All too often we forget that the fortune we're hoping for will not come if we are not preparing ourselves for it.  I need to spend more time feeling like tomorrow is going to be a good day before it comes or else I am bound to repeat the anxiety I often feel upon waking, which in turn sets my day up for failure.

Brian Tracy speaks of telling ourselves every night before we go to bed "I wake up every morning feeling terrific," and with repetition our sub-conscious will pick up on this vibe and we will begin to feel refreshed every morning.  Deepak Chopra recommends before we drift off to sleep, we should replay the entire day in our head, and at the end of our thought, we should say because the day has now ended, any attachment we may feel towards any of today's happenings has now been lifted and our minds are cleared in preparation for the following day.

Whatever method you choose, find a way for yourself to look forward to the day that is to come.  Too much time dwindling in the past or anything stressful in the present will produce repeated results.  If we are to break free of negative occurrences the first place that needs to start is in our thoughts.  What I have started to do, and little by little I'm seeing results, is I escape to my dream every night.  What that means is I write out my dreams in the present tense, or I look over and read aloud sentences that I've written on notecards several times while envisioning the action taking place, sentences like "I earn money easily," or, "I have the money for anything I want, and the money to help others."  This way I am put in a better place the night before.  See what you can do to make your next days, the best days.

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