Thursday, March 10, 2011

Choosing to see the miracle

One of my favorite affirmations from Deepak Chopra is "Every choice I make is between a grievance and a miracle.  I relinquish all doubts, grievances, and regrets, and choose the miracle."  What I love about that quote is that it shows us that no matter what the circumstance is we can choose how we look at it.  We can choose to say that what we are going through is hard or difficult, or that a problem has arisen, or we can look at every situation as a tool for learning.  A miracle is that which causes a change, we can see it as a gift from the universe.  A miracle doesn't necessarily have to be a dramatic earth-shattering shift, it can be as small as finding a dollar in your back pocket, or chipping a nail in the midst of a stressful situation so that we can take a step back and say, "wait a second, allow me to review this situation from a clearer perspective."

I encourage you maybe over the next few days to experiment with this idea and see what effect it has on your well-being.  Any time things may seem to be going in a bad direction, stop, and ask yourself, "What is the lesson here to be learned?  What is the universe trying to show me by putting me in this circumstance?"  In other words, what is the miracle I can choose to see in this situation?

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