Friday, March 18, 2011

Lost in Where You've Been

When people ask us to tell them about ourselves, we often trace back to who we were, where we have been.  It's hard to explain to people who we are without acknowledging where we have been.  The truth is though, every time we acknowledge that past we bring it into the present.  We release feelings attached to those memories instead of feelings for that which we dream to be.  Then, when circumstances repeat themselves, we wonder why.  We have forgotten that we have spent so much time talking about and thinking about the past.  This is not to say we should completely forget where we have been, but we should take a moment to think, do I really want to go back to where I've been?  Do I want my present to be identical to my past, or am I ready for new experiences?  The more often we acknowledge our past the more often we are going to feel as if we are still there.

As Mary Morrissey explains, everything is created twice, first as a thought, then as a physical object or event.  What we imagine ourselves to be becomes then our experience.  If we are stuck on our past or our present, then that is which we are going to continue to experience.

My horoscope this morning told me I was living all too often in the past, and when I thought about it, I realized that little automated message on my phone was absolutely right.  I've for weeks been so worried about where my life is going, I've often turned to where I've been to justify those fears.  I think I've really been doing my psyche some damage.  What I need to do, and I encourage you all to do similarly, is look at that which I want to happen, regardless of circumstance.  Circumstance is a thought brought on by limitations we make in our minds; if we stick too much to circumstance, it is possible we may never leave it.  For example I want financial security, I want to be debt free, and I want to make money doing what I love.   If I stick to these simple phrases, it is more likely I will start to live these dreams than living in the present circumstances I am facing this moment from thinking about everything I've done wrong to bring me where I am.

Write it out and start to believe what it is your are writing about.  Answer this question: what would I love?  See where the answer takes you, not only on the paper, but in feeling, explore what sort of emotions come up when you answer the question.

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