Thursday, March 24, 2011

I love this woman:) part 2 video now up!


Have you ever wondered why you seem to get stuck in your life? Repeating bad habits or finding yourself in the same situations over and over again?

That's your paradigm.

So what IS your paradigm? It's how your mind is programmed. And if you don't consciously change it, your mind will stay stuck at the same setting – which produces the same results.

And if you want to change your results, you need to change your paradigm.

The GOOD news is you can easily be taught to change your paradigm, adjust the setting, and create a higher set point. And, therefore, better results – results you love.

My friend Mary Morrissey, who is the expert on the Spiritual Side of Success, has just released the second video in her new, free, 3-video series, and in this video, she explains exactly how to do that.

Get it here: The Power of Paradigms

The second video, “The Power of Paradigms,” will help you change your way of thinking so you open up the doors that lead you to your dream.

“Changing your paradigm” may sound tricky, or even scary. But the fact is, having the power to do so is a great opportunity, and when you harness this ability, you will be unstoppable in the pursuit of your dream.

Video 2 reveals how you can stop letting the facts of your current circumstances prevent you from dreaming your true dream.

It’s time to tune in to a different wavelength – and reap the rewards.

Remember, the series is absolutely free – it’s Mary’s gift to you because it’s her passion to help individuals like you create new paradigms – and achieve their dreams.

Ready to change your paradigm and change your life? Click here to do so and receive immediate access to the second video: The Power of Paradigms

I’ve heard Mary speak before, and I highly recommend her. Her presentations and programs are always packed full of life-changing information.

Here’s to your dream – it’s waiting,
Joel Evan Tye

P.S. Feel free to invite your friends, too, but be sure to sign up, first! The Power of Paradigms

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